DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses
DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses
DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses
DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses
DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses
DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses

DiorFRACTION5 Aviator Sunglasses


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COLOR: Black - Grey Lens
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  • Lens Type:

  • Frame Material:

    Polyamide Inj
  • Shape:

  • Polarized:

    Not Polarized
  • UPC:


Frame Measurements

  • Lens Width

    50 mm


    21 mm

    Temple Length

    150 mm


    You’re one in a million, so ordinary fashion Sunglasses will never do. See yourself in these extraordinary DIOR DiorFraction5 Aviator Sunglasses that combine elegance with a sense of adventure. Your new DIOR glasses are what other pilot shades aspire to be. The sophisticated teardrop frames with a gold-tone double bridge and clever accents are uniquely Dior … and totally you. 


    • Style: Men's Sunglasses

    • Frame Material: Polyamide injection

    • Lens Material: Nylon

    • Color: Black Frame/gray Lens

    • Shape: Aviator

    • Not Polarized

    • Lens Width: 50 MM

    • Bridge: 21 MM

    • Temple Length: 150 MM 


    Not even the sky’s the limit when you’re wearing these DIOR Sunglasses. They go where most pilot shades are far too ordinary to tread — with a contemporary teardrop shape that lifts these DIOR aviator Sunglasses above the fray. The bold ebony frames and Solid gray lenses play against a sophisticated gold-tone double bridge, making them at once the perfect pilot shades and the fiercest DIOR black Sunglasses. Other brilliant touches include the subtle DIOR imprint, gold accents at the temples and along the full-size stems, and touches of red … just because.  

    About the Designer

    Soon after DIOR opened his fashion atelier in 1946, his name became synonymous with elegance and modernity. In post-war Europe, DIOR dared to be opulent, optimistic and luxurious. His first collection, dubbed “The New Look” because of its fresh silhouette, forever changed the way the world dresses. That passion lives on in DIOR sunglasses, womens apparel, menswear and more. DIOR continues to lead the way in inspiring revolutions in style.

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