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Prada Sunglasses

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Who cares what the devil wears? All the most fashionable folks wear Prada. From head to toe, sunglasses to shoes, Prada is always en vogue. Just like their iconic leather goods, handbags and fashions, Prada sunglasses are bold, straightforward and impossibly chic.

Italian Luxury with an Edge

Founded in Milan in 1913, the house of Prada is synonymous with cutting-edge Italian fashion and artistry. In Prada sunglasses, women instantly become more glamorous. Elevate your own ensemble to the elegance of Milan with a pair of Prada cat eye sunglasses. Just slip them on and you’ll feel transported, as if you’re sipping espresso in a Milanese piazza.

Elegant and Inspired

Solstice Sunglasses offers a curated collection of Prada sunglasses for women, ranging from sleek and minimal to avant-garde works of art. For classic looks and sheer versatility, no woman can go wrong with an iconic pair of Prada black sunglasses. Pair them with anything from a leather jacket to a little black dress.

Artistic and Avant Garde

Fashionistas may favor Prada round sunglasses, with their wink and nod to ’60s glam, available in minimal metallic frames, statement-making oversize acetate, and futuristic rimless styles. Choose lenses in subtle grey or brown, or make a splash and go for gold or bronze. Adventure-seekers can amp up the attitude with Prada aviator sunglasses, perfect for a quick Vespa ride.

Pack your bags, and don’t forget your passport. Your new Prada sunglasses from will have you feeling elegant, inspired and ready for your own personal renaissance.