Carrera Sport/Performance Sunglasses

Carrera Sport/Performance Sunglasses

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Need for Speed

There’s a lot of talk these days about slowing down and taking life easy, but let’s be frank — it’s a fast-paced world, and no one wants to fall behind, especially when it comes to fashion. So here’s a word of advice: slip on a pair of Carrera sunglasses, and you’ll always be a front-runner.

Start Your Engines

Created in 1956, Carreras were named after the longest, fastest and most dangerous car race in the world. A half-century later, this high-octane brand still leads the way with its iconic styles, pioneering technology and trendsetting designs. With Carerra sunglasses, men can put the pedal to the metal in Americana shields, which feature a goggle-like silhouette and double lenses that stand up to the fiercest wind.

On the Fly

Carrera aviator sunglasses feature smart side shields that give you extra protection, as well as glare-cutting polarized lenses for color-true clarity. If you’re feeling flashy, go for mirrored polycarbonate, which provides fail-safe protection from harmful UV rays. As for Carrera frames, take your pick of patented thermoplastic Optyl or sleek, indestructible ruthenium metal — they’re both so lightweight, they’ll never drag you down.

No Braking Allowed

Fashionistas can also get some serious traction with Carrera women's sunglasses. The vintage frames give a nod to the newest trends while taking inspiration from the past — think classic navigators, timeless wayfarers, retro rounds and sexy cat eyes. Look for the “C” monogram — it’s front and center — and stay up to speed with Carrera shades. Solstice Sunglasses is one of the few retailers in the USA that sells Carrera Sunglasses for Men and Women!