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To be considered "a person of interest" is usually not a good thing — unless, that is, all eyes are on you because of your Ray-Ban sunglasses. A fan favorite since 1937, Ray-Ban remains the go-to brand for connoisseurs of cool. Whether you’re sporting Ray-Ban men's sunglasses or Ray-Ban women's sunglasses, your style will never be suspect.

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are the icon that started it all. Their teardrop lens shape, clean lines and flexible frames flatter every face, from A-lister to arriviste to up-and-comer. If the sunlight is way harsh, slip on a pair of Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses for minimum glare, maximum clarity and 100% UV protection, or add a little flash with mirrored lenses that will deflect all the envious glances being thrown your way.

If you’re in the mood for something classic, look no further than Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Stick to basic black, or indulge your inner artist and mix it up with playful lens and frame color combos that will draw even more attention. Feel like going totally retro? Design comes full circle with 1960’s style Ray-Ban round sunglasses — single bridge, double bridge, metal frames, Havana or tortoise shell; it’s your call. Whichever you choose, these timeless specs tick off both the stylish and practical boxes, since they come in foldable versions that can be easily tucked away at the end of the day.

There’s no denying the rules of attraction. Face the world with the right frames — with Ray-Ban sunglasses, that is — and you’ll always be a person of interest … in a good way.