Daniella Duque


I am Daniella Duque, Colombian but Miami based Lifestyle Blogger, in love with traveling the world where I always take my Solstice Sunglasses with me.

Olga Goffman


Hi, I am Olia, Chicago-based influencer passionate about fashion and travel. And not a single trip can happen without my fav Solstice Sunglasses.

Karina Bik


Karina Bik is a fashion blogger based in NY. She loves to add trendy accessories to her street style looks, and is a long-standing fan of Solstice Sunglasses! Check out Karina’s choices below

Natalia Levsina


Natalia Levsina is a NYC-based fashion influencer. She always completes her outfits with trending sunglasses, and is the biggest fan of Solstice Sunglasses' selections! Check out Natalia’s choices below.