Daniella Duque


I am Daniella Duque, Colombian but Miami based Lifestyle Blogger, in love with traveling the world where I always take my Solstice Sunglasses with me.

Olga Goffman


Hi, I am Olia, Chicago-based influencer passionate about fashion and travel. And not a single trip can happen without my fav Solstice Sunglasses.

Liz Elias


Hi, my name is Liz Elias. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I started as an actress on a Nickelodeon TV show called Every Witch Way, and I am also a recording artist. Since I’ve always loved being behind and in front of the camera, I acquired a passion for content creation. As a content creator, I am focusing my attention on the digital space by creating new and exciting content for my followers.

Kelly Hughes


Model Kelly Hughes from Miami, FL, broke barriers in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue being the first model to show a cesarean section scar, which has never happened in the magazine’s 58-year history. This led her to becoming an advocate for inclusivity in fashion and for women embracing their scars and loving on their imperfections. Along with being one of this year’s most talked about swimsuit models, Kelly will tell you that her most rewarding job and important role is that of being a mother to her 4-year-old son. She is also the founder and designer of the genderless jewelry brand, HÜES which can be found in high end hotels and boutiques across the country. As a fashion and lifestyle influencer her embodiment of bravery, feminism and community continues to embrace the outpouring of love she’s received to support, showcase others and lift them up. Follow Kelly @kellyhues to learn more.

Karina Bik


Karina Bik is a fashion blogger based in NY. She loves to add trendy accessories to her street style looks, and is a long-standing fan of Solstice Sunglasses! Check out Karina’s choices below

Natalia Levsina


Natalia Levsina is a NYC-based fashion influencer. She always completes her outfits with trending sunglasses, and is the biggest fan of Solstice Sunglasses' selections! Check out Natalia’s choices below.