Face Shape

What Face Shape Are You?

How to Find Your Best Sunglasses!

Solstice Sunglasses offers the best selection of top designer sunglasses online, but where and how you do you start shopping? Narrowing down the best sunglass styles from hundreds of pairs might seem overwhelming, but this journey starts in the mirror.

Know Thyself and Your Face Shape!

Before you try on a single pair of shades, you should understand the shape and angles of your own face. Your face shape is the most important determiner of which sunglasses will look best on you. That’s because the best sunglasses for square faces for Men and Women are often completely different from the best sunglasses for round faces for Men and Women. While sunglasses for oval faces don’t always work on diamond-shaped faces. Different face shapes need different designer sunglasses to look their best.

Getting Into Shapes: Best Sunglasses by Face Shape

Can people with heart-shaped faces wear heart-shaped glasses? Check out Rectangular, Aviator or Cat-Eye shapes. Should you buy square or round sunglasses for a round face? Look into Rectangle, Square or Navigator shapes. If you begin your browsing by considering your own facial structure, you can use that knowledge to shop the sunglasses that will make the most of your foremost asset. Shopping our sunglasses by face shape is the smartest way to find shades that make you look your best.

Shape Up and Shop On: Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Solstice Sunglasses has a wide range of designer sunglasses that will complement your unique face shape. To start browsing the best sunglasses by face shape, click on the Men's or Women's Face Shape link above and find the Face Shape that looks most like you.