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Game On

When it comes to sports accessories, one size definitely does not fit all. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes for a marathon as you would for a day on the links, and the same goes for sports sunglasses. Whether you’re aiming for a home run or a hole-in-one, you need the right specs to play like a pro — and you’ll find them at SolsticeSunglasses.com.

Fast and Furious

Ready to shave a minute off your mile? Try pounding the pavement in running sunglasses with nose-pads designed to increase grip as you sweat. Set a new personal best — and leave the competition in the dust — with lightweight, comfy sunnies that move as fast you do, like Oakley, Smith Lowdown Focus, and Maui Jim sport sunglasses.

Eye on the Prize

Whether you're at the plate or playing the field, it’s easy to follow the ball when you’re sporting baseball sunglasses with semi-rimless frames that give you a wide field of vision. For the reel-and-rod man, you’ll want fishing sunglasses with glare-busting polarized lenses so you can spot those beauties in that sun-glossed river or murky bass pond.


Polarized sunglasses can also make all the difference out on the green. Look for wrap-around, semi-rimless golf sunglasses, which don’t block the view as you swing, but do provide full coverage through 18 holes of play. Filters and tints are available to increase clarity and contrast, no matter the weather, to help you make every shot and sink every putt. You won’t just stay the course — you’ll own it!