Hugo Boss Designer Sunglasses

Hugo Boss Designer Sunglasses

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A Sharp Perspective

Focus your gaze with sunglasses that can sharpen up any look. Hugo Boss Black sunglasses are inspired by men who know what they want and are serious about achieving their goals. Look the part in eyewear that exemplifies innovation and style. With Hugo Boss Sunglasses, men’s eyewear is part of your prosperous and influential profile.

Technology You Can Wear

To be successful, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Hugo Boss men’s designer sunglasses lead the way in technological excellence with cutting-edge materials and construction. Rubberized frames ensure a comfortable and lightweight feel. Acetate spoilers and riveted hinges add another level of subtle innovation. With Boss sunglasses, men’s accessories look and feel inventive.


British actor Henry Cavill, the new face of Boss aviator sunglasses, embodies a classically masculine sense of style. Whether he's gearing up for a new film — after all, he’s played Superman twice now — or just relaxing, his eyewear always looks just right. Try a pair of Hugo Boss sunglasses, aviator or square, as seen on Henry Cavill in the latest Hugo Boss campaign.

A Future So Bright

Ambition is central to every success story. Settling for second-rate is not an option. That’s why Hugo Boss men's sunglasses continue to lead in quality and design. Boss aviator sunglasses bring protection to your eyes and clout to your wardrobe.

Dream Big

By combining ambition, inspiration and innovation, the Boss Black collection reflects your sense of focus. Create a look that sharpens your look and focuses your gaze. With Solstice Sunglasses’ large selection of Boss Black designer frames, you’re sure to find the perfect eyewear for your style and face.