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The Iconic Aviator

The first aviator sunglasses were made to “ban rays” of sunlight from entering the eye. Thus were the first Ray-Bans born, making the aviator a staple for sun-lovers everywhere. Why does this iconic style remain so captivating? Let’s explore the ever-enduring aviator sunglasses for men and women. From the classic teardrop-shaped original to today’s avant-garde iterations, the aviator takes on many fascinating forms.

From Cockpit to Silver Screen

The original men's aviator sunglasses, specifically fashioned for America’s first fighter pilots, had an undeniably gallant appeal. The popularity of black aviator sunglasses spread like wildfire. Thanks to scientifically designed lenses that cut glare without sacrificing clarity, aviators transitioned smoothly from military use to the worlds of sports enthusiasts. Pop culture elevated these shades to new fashion heights. From renegade author Hunter S. Thompson’s signature look, to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, to Michael Jackson at the Grammys, celebrities and trendsetters cemented the place of polarized aviator sunglasses in fashion history.

Femme and Flawless

Aviators aren’t just for guys anymore. These days, aviator sunglasses for women are as essential to a stylish girl’s wardrobe as a pair of blue jeans. Dior’s visionary adaptation takes cool to a new level with eye-catching construction and color. Saint Laurent and Céline create aviator frames with feminine lines and crisp shapes. Victoria Beckham aviators are bold and breezy. With so many appealing versions of aviators sunglasses, you’re sure to find the perfect pair.

Classic Cool for Every Face

Whether you’re in the cockpit, in the driver’s seat, at a sidewalk cafe or the beach, aviators are guaranteed to reflect a trend-transcending sense of style. From timeless to trendy, you’ll find the best aviator sunglasses for you at Solstice Sunglasses.