Face Shape: Men's Oblong

Men's Oblong

Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

When considering sunglasses for different types of face shapes, you’re in luck: if you have an oblong face, also known as a rectangle face shape, you can wear sunglasses of any shape! However, the key is to choose those shapes in larger sizes to visually add width and trim a little length. Large wayfarer sunglasses and oversize rectangular lenses complement an oblong facial shape. Avoid smaller frames, like small round sunglasses, which can make the face seem longer. Sunglasses with shorter lenses can also accentuate face length, so go for a taller, higher frame. Solstice Sunglasses the latest designer sunglasses for an oblong face shape!

What Face Shape Do I Have? Oblong

Learning how to determine your face shape will help in your search for the right pair of sunglasses. Here are some characteristics to help you determine if you have an oblong/rectangle face shape:
  • Long, narrow bone structure
  • Face is longer than it is wide
  • Square shades, sunnies with larger frames
If you’re searching for just the right pair of sunglasses, first you’ll want to learn how to determine face shape. Understanding different face shapes is the first step in learning how to pick the right glasses frames for your face.

Consider the length and width of your face. If you have a long, narrow bone structure, with significantly greater length than width, you likely have an oblong face shape. Like an elongated version of the oval face, the oblong shape has a high forehead that’s similar in width to the cheekbones and jawline. The chin of an oblong face may be pointed or a bit squared off, which is why this facial structure may also be referred to as a rectangle face shape. The high forehead and distinguished, symmetrical oblong face often yields a handsome, almost noble appearance, as seen on Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Smith, and Ben Affleck.

Best Sunglasses for Oblong-Shaped Faces


  • When choosing glasses that optimize your face, your goal is to find frames that downplay the length while accenting your best qualities.
  • Your symmetrical features can support almost any frame style, as long as the scale suits your facial features and proportions.
  • Square sunglasses can add angles that bring out your cheekbones and break up the face’s length.
  • Browline frames can bring focus up and out, adding a bit of width and visually shortening the length of a rectangular face.
  • Sunglasses with larger frames can add balance to an oblong face.

Solstice Sunglasses has the latest designer sunglasses for men with an oblong or rectangular face shape. We’ve made the selection easy for you. Take a look at our best and freshest favorite frames for oblong faces.