Face Shape: Men's Diamond

Men's Diamond

Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

With any facial structure, the key to finding the best sunglasses for face shape is contrast, so picking a frame shape that is the opposite of your face shape. Your bone structure already has defined angles, so there’s no need to add more with geometric frames. Instead, polish and soften them a little with rounded sunglasses styles. Oval and round frames will balance those diamond-hard edges. Aviator shades can be flattering, too, but don’t go too wide with them, as that might accentuate the narrowness of your forehead and chin. Rimless sunglasses add contrast to your facial structure. To add some width to your forehead and subtract some from your cheekbones, try semi-rimless styles with browline details.

What Face Shape Do I Have? Diamond

A diamond face shape is the rarest of all face shapes and is distinguished by the following characteristics:
  • Narrow forehead and chin
  • Wide, strong cheekbones and a long tapered jawline
  • Oval and round frames will soften and balance the edges
This chiseled shape is the rarest of all, much like the precious gem itself. The uncommon nature and striking appearance of a diamond face shape can be seen on sparkling stars like Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp, and John Cho are just a small sample of men with diamond shaped faces.

Best Sunglasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces


  • If you love square or rectangular frames, don’t despair.
  • Look for shades with rounded or beveled corners to take the edge off your sharp features.

Now that Solstice Sunglasses has covered all the bases of sunglasses for diamond faces, take a swing at some of our favorite styles on the right.