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Ray-Ban Men's Sunglasses

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First Love

Whether it’s a movie, Matisse or some other masterpiece, it’s tough to outdo an original. For people who really know their stuff, remakes and reboots are unacceptably second rate. And if you’re a man who knows his eyewear, you never settle for subpar — you always go back to the source: original Ray-Ban men's sunglasses.

First Things First

Ray-Ban sunglasses for men became an instant classic — and the embodiment of sophisticated cool — from the moment they arrived on the scene 80+ years ago. That’s because people recognized the genuine article when they saw it, especially Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. With their sleek teardrop shape, lightweight metal frames and glare-cutting polarized lenses, it’s no wonder these high-performance specs have a global fan base that just keeps growing.

First String

Then came the next pièce de résistance, and the next, and so on. Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses boast a bold, trapezoidal shape that has a timeless, masculine appeal. So do the aptly named Ray-Ban Classic Clubmasters — with their traditional brow-line frame, they look chill and casual with jeans or all dressed up when paired with a sharp suit. And when it comes to ’60s-inspired retro chic, Ray-Ban round sunglasses — whether rimmed in tortoiseshell or metal, or customized in cool blue, classic green or flashy mirror lenses — simply run circles around the competition.

You First

You were born an original, and you’ll show the world you’re still that way when you slip on a pair of statement-making, head-turning Ray-Bans. Sunglasses should never be second-class copies. Shift your style into first gear with Ray-Ban!