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Carrera Men's Sunglasses

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Quick Study

It’s a fact — men really do have a need for speed. From the cerebellum to the prefrontal cortex, the male brain is hardwired for thrills, risks and fast, furious action. Leaving your style up to chance, though, is strictly for wimps. Want to rev up your fashion quotient from 0 to 60 in just one second? Slip on a pair of Carrera sunglasses.

Lean and Mean

Whether you’re a guys’ guy or a ladies’ man, Carreras’ classic frames instantly add a sophisticated, sport-luxe aesthetic to every outfit. Got a flair for the dramatic? Go for statement-sized Topcar navigators in bold, basic black, or Carrera aviator sunglasses, like the Americana, with its outrageously incandescent lenses. Get your street chic on with edgy, urban Huron rectangles, or let mirrored, full-rim New Safari shields reflect your full-tilt style.

Tough Guys

When it comes to Carrera sunglasses, men’s specs are designed for life in the fast lane. Custom-made rubber hinges flex when you do, offering perfect fit and comfort, while molded nose pads and curved acetate tips keep them securely in place. Removable side shields and curved temples offer lateral protection from the elements, UV rays and all. Crafted from thermoplastic Optyl or ruthenium metal, Carrera frames are so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Fashion Circuit

With Carrera shades — everyone will spot them by the discreet “C” logo or the iconic flag symbol on the temples or top bar — you’ll leave the competition in the dust. For the perfect balance between performance and style, grab some men’s Carrera sunglasses — and let the race begin!