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Dita Designer Sunglasses

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Evocative Beauty

Can fine eyewear be as sleek and sexy as a sports car? Might the shapes and lines of luxury sunglasses evoke the speed and modernity of jet planes? It's all possible with the technology and engineering of Dita Sunglasses, a brand that takes craftsmanship and style to new heights. Get ready to take off with handmade sunglasses that celebrate the possibilities of designer eyewear.

Slick, Sleek, Speedy

Look as slick and eye-catching as a new Bugatti with Dita Glasses, where a bold look belies the subtle and precise engineering behind every pair. When it comes to Dita sunglasses, mens eyewear is made from the finest materials. Marvel at the featherweight lenses and titanium structure behind Dita eyeglasses. Do you love all things fast, exclusive, and luxe? Dita Mach One sunglasses are the perfect reflection of your lifestyle. These sleek designs and technological innovations aren’t just good-looking — Dita eyewear embodies the essence of “cool” with quality and aesthetics combined.

Shapes of the Future

Dita takes the most casual looks and gives them an edge that evokes the future of design. For an exciting spin on the classic cat-eye style, try a pair of Dita Sunbird or Dita Revoir sunglasses. There's nothing retro about these shapes, though. They’re inspired by the 1950s, but they look more at home on a private jet than at a sock hop. For a futuristic take on the classic navigator, try the Dita-Flight series. And nothing suits a retro-futurist like the Dita Grandmaster series, inspired by the swagger of late-’70s hip-hop style but updated with modern details and technology. Sleek, clean lines evoke speed and precision. Likewise, the beachy-casual wayfarer shape is updated to fit right in on a modern yacht.

Innovation and Luxury

Exciting style and innovation make the Dita eyewear collection a uniquely cool way to stand out. Whether your look is sleek and minimalistic or a bit flashy, these fabulous sunglasses will breathe chic new life into your accessories collection. Like the engineering marvels we love and admire the most, Dita frames set the standard for class, style, and luxury.