Face Shape: Women's Oval

Women's Oval

Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The oval face shape can sport almost any style of sunglasses dues to its proportional and balanced features, so choosing the perfect pair is all about deciding which features you want to bring into focus. Geometric frames like rectangular or square sunglasses can introduce some interesting angles to your graceful face. Navigator or Clubmaster styles provide an edge to contrast with your face’s curves. Choose frames that are wider than your temples so you don’t elongate your visage. Solstice Sunglasses feature a variety of Sunglasses for women with the oval face shape.

What Face Shape Do I Have? Oval

Understanding facial shapes is the key to knowing which sunglasses will flatter your own. Here are some points to help identify if you have an oval face:
  • Face longer than it is wide
  • Narrow, rounded jawline and balanced cheekbones
  • Characterized by a symmetrical, slim roundness with no sharp angles
  • Rectangle, Square, Navigator, and Aviator shapes can accentuate your oval face shape
Classic beauties like Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and Rihanna have quintessential oval faces.

Best Sunglasses for Oval-Shaped Faces


  • Cat-eye frames and other upswept styles draw attention to the top half of your face.
  • Oversized styles like large aviator shades and dramatic round frames can hide your top half, leaving the focus on your mouth and chin, by contrast.
  • The versatile nature of your oval shape means you can experiment with multiple styles, depending on your mood and desired look!

Whichever facial feature is your favorite, make it your focal point by choosing the right sunglasses to highlight it. Check out our selection of styles on the right for the best sunglasses for an oval face shape, and find the next pair for your fabulous oval-shaped face.