Face Shape: Men's Triangle

Men's Triangle

Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The pear or triangle face is just ripe for larger sunglasses that draw focus upward and balance out its bold, strong chin. To do this, choose sunglasses with visual impact along the browline to direct attention upward and outward. Wide frames like aviators can visually broaden a narrow forehead, as can sunglasses with frames that are flat and thick across the top, like clubmasters and shield styles. Other options to add width to your face’s top half while slimming the lower half: semi-rimless sunglasses and topline detailing like double bridges and brow bars.

What Face Shape Do I Have? Triangle

To find your perfect sunglasses, you need to understand different face shapes. Knowing how to determine your face shape will help you pick out the sunglasses that will flatter your look. A pear or triangle face is marked by the following characteristics:
  • Small forehead that tapers outward
  • Large jawline
  • Aviators, Clubmasters, Shield Sunglasses with Flat and Thick across the top
We see the pear’s prominent jaw on celebrities like Kanye West and Keith Urban are some men with a triangle face shape.

Best Sunglasses for Triangle-Shaped Faces


  • Men with a triangle face shape want to steer clear of sunglasses that drag down the lines of the face and focus attention on the wide jaw.
  • You may want to avoid very narrow frames, like small round sunglasses, which can accentuate the narrowness of your face’s upper half.

Now that you know how to make the most of the pear face’s bold features, take your pick from the shades Solstice Sunglasses has selected for you!