Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

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Vive la Difference

Everyone knows that diversity is a good thing, whether we’re talking about nature, your community or your stock portfolio. It’s the same with sunglasses. Living well demands that you have a variety of shades on hand — after all, you wouldn’t wear the same specs to a business meeting as you would to Bonnaroo. Looking to spice up your style? Just grab some Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Forever Young

No other brand embodies hipster-cool chic like Ray-Ban. Sunglasses may come and go, but Ray-Ban women's sunglasses have ridden the waves of fashion for more than half a century. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the most recognizable frames in the history of shades — and a must-have basic for any shades collection. Take your pick of classic, oversize squares or smaller silhouettes, and black, tortoiseshell, Havana or fun two-toned frames. With eye-popping lenses in vibrant violet or copper flash, it’s easy to throw some color into the mix.

The More the Merrier

Once you’ve got your starter sunnies, you’re ready go forth and multiply. With a rainbow of solid and gradient tints, as well as frames in gold, bronze, gunmetal and silver, Ray-Ban polarized aviator sunglasses let you fine-tune your look. Then you can bring things full circle with a pair of Ray-Ban round sunglasses in, say, retro, irreverent yellow. Talk about festival worthy!

Uniquely You

With their glare-cutting technology, Ray-Bans are the first sunglasses made for both seeing and being seen. Don’t settle for garden-variety, same-o, same-o style. Mix it up — and stand out from the crowd — with Ray-Ban sunglasses for women.