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From Contrarian to Legend

In 1992, Marc Jacobs shocked the fashion world by bringing grunge to the runway. Critics panned the show, but later, it was recognized as a legendary moment in fashion history. Now, fans continue to admire his bold, unpredictable work. Solstice Sunglasses has curated a collection that represents the distinctive shapes, colors, and proportions that make Marc Jacobs sunglasses so well known among the fashion elite. Browse this assortment of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and find something that inspires you.

A Taste for Edgy

When it comes to Marc Jacobs sunglasses, men’s and women’s collections have surprisingly wide unisex appeal. Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses make a famously masculine shape accessible to fashionistas with a taste for edgy, innovative style. Similarly, Marc Jacobs cat eye sunglasses take a form almost synonymous with femininity and give it a fresh, modern edge. The result is a fantastically elevated collection of accessories that look at home with the cool crowd.

The Royal Eyewear

Meghan Markle’s royal wedding made history for breaking boundaries. Emulate Meghan’s chic, sophisticated style — add a few of her favorite accessories to your wardrobe. Ms. Markle, a fan of Marc Jacobs eyewear, is an inspiration to people around the world. With Marc Jacobs sunglasses, women can pull off a look that’s both hip and glam. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny Saturday morning or a windy meeting with the queen in London, you’ll feel like royalty in a pair of gorgeous frames from this collection.

Authentic and Easy

Solstice Sunglasses makes it easy to find the perfect pair of designer sunglasses or contemporary eyewear. Top-quality pieces plus top-notch customer service equals an unparalleled shopping experience.