Face Shape: Women's Triangle

Women's Triangle

Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

The pear or triangle face is just ripe for larger sunglasses that draw focus upward and balance out its bold, strong chin. To do this, choose sunglasses with visual impact along the browline to direct attention upward and outward. Wide frames like aviators can visually broaden a narrow forehead, as can sunglasses with frames that are flat and thick across the top, like clubmasters and shield styles. Other options to add width to your face’s top half while slimming the lower half: semi-rimless sunglasses and topline detailing like double bridges and brow bars.

What Face Shape Do I Have? Triangle

If your face has the following characteristics, you could have a triangle of pear shaped face:
  • Small to Narrow Forehead
  • Straight Cheekbones
  • Prominent Jawline
  • Cat-Eye sunglasses are perfect for a triangle shaped face.
A triangle face shape has a strong jaw that often makes for a memorable smile: look no further than Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osbourne and Raven Symone for examples of women with a triangle face shape.

Best Sunglasses for Triangle-Shaped Faces


  • The best sunglasses for pear-shaped or triangle faces should draw a wide line across the top half of the face, balancing out the broad jawline.
  • Your best bet is adding width higher on your face, choosing sunglasses with “top-heavy” frames and upswept angles to draw attention to your eyes.
  • Cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses for a triangular face shape, because they add width as well as upward angles.
  • Some aviator sunglasses can draw attention downward, but styles with a brow bar, temple accents or other top-heavy details strike a perfect balance.
  • Choose smaller round frames to avoid adding width to the bottom half of your face.
  • Consider an oval shaped style instead: the oval’s width adds balance, while the shorter lens doesn’t add visual weight to the lower half of your face.

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