Oakley Women's Sport/Performance Sunglasses

Oakley Women's Sport/Performance Sunglasses

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Play Hard

Of course you want to look hot during outdoor workouts, but it just isn’t worth it if those cool sunnies slide off your nose at the first sign of sweat. Most functional sports specs are far from chic, with one exception — Oakley sunglasses, which let you score style points while you get your game on.

Power Up

Choosing sub-par shades can hurt your eyes — and your performance. Oakley polarized sunglasses have a special filter that eliminates glare, haze and distortion so you can see clearly and crush the competition. Aerodynamic aviator frames feature a flattering, no-slip fit that hugs your face while taking the pressure off your nose and ears, so they’re comfortable to wear all day long. Classic teardrops or fashion-forward squares? It’s your call. With women’s Oakley sunglasses, you can also choose sturdy navigators with stress-resistant frames and UV-busting plutonite lenses in eye-grabbing color combos like black camo and vivacious violet.

Go the Distance

Can’t stop, won’t stop? For the woman who’s in perpetual motion, ultra-lightweight semi-rimless rectangle shades are the perfect Oakley women’s sunglasses for cycling, hiking, sprinting or simply living life full-tilt. In the mood to play hide and seek? Slip on a supersized pair of black or tortoiseshell Proxy squares and make like Jackie O.

Get in the Zone

The epitome of all-around cool, Oakley sport sunglasses work overtime at brunch, at the beach, and in all your ’grams. Get into the zone with Oakley sunglasses for women!