Fendi Women's Sunglasses

Fendi Women's Sunglasses

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Fendi Designer Sunglasses for Women

Few couture houses epitomize high fashion like Fendi. A pair of stylish sunglasses from this iconic Italian label can transform your wardrobe from satisfactory to super chic. Classic shapes, meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious finishes make Fendi sunglasses women’s first choice for designer eyewear.

The Shape of Style

Solstice Sunglasses has your passport to Italian glamour, with Fendi sunglasses for women in square, rectangle and round shapes. SolsticeSunglasses.com presents round Fendi shades like the Run Away style: circular with mirrored, angled logos right on the lenses and an edgy, slim double bridge. The F’s on the lenses could also stand for fierce.

Roman Goddess

Channel your inner Venus with Fendi women’s sunglasses in the Ribbons and Pearls collection. Ultra feminine and adorned with pearlescent Swarovski crystals, these sparkling sunnies come in wide-eyed round or edgy shield shapes. Or feel divinely feline in Fendi cat eye sunglasses in a range of styles. From the futuristic Eyeshine Geometric frames (Fendi round sunglasses with a flat cat eye brow), to the classically charismatic Peekaboo, the epitome of vintage glamour, Solstice Sunglasses has Fendi sunglasses for every cattitude.

New Heights

Maybe you identify more with Diana, goddess of the hunt. Adventurous heroines will appreciate Fendi aviator sunglasses and their departure from the ordinary. Fendi starts with the classic aviator silhouette but takes it to new heights: the Eyeline style has cutouts at the outer corners, and the 155/S sunnies sport bold acetate frames and gold accents.

Monument to Fashion

Fendi sunglasses for women aren’t just from Rome; they reflect the splendor and history of the city. The Fendi 0170 shades have acetate frames with insets of color that reference the splendor of Roman marble and granite.