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Alexander McQueen Men's and Women's Luxury Sunglasses

Once Upon a Time

Introduce a flash of fantasy to your wardrobe with the addition of Alexander McQueen designer sunglasses. Solstice Sunglasses brings the Alexander McQueen gothic fairy tale aesthetic to a sunglasses-sized dose of drama — it’s just the right accent to liven up your look.

Knights in Shining Armor

Thanks to Solstice Sunglasses’ selection of Alexander McQueen men's sunglasses eyewear options just got a lot edgier. Choose from regal rectangles, bold clubmasters or striking shield styles with rebellious embellishments like skulls on the stems and studs at the temples. Rescue your wardrobe with Alexander McQueen aviator sunglasses in metal or acetate frames, reimagined with striking cutaway corners and geometric lenses in silver, bronze or gold. These provocative looks are anything but by-the-book.

Damsels With No Distress

Ladies love the edgy character of Alexander McQueen sunglasses. Womens frames evoke the McQueen vibe, with dramatic elements like daring cross bars at the bridges and glamorous gold rivets. In stunning specs from Alexander McQueen, women are the heroines who write their own exciting adventures.

Glamorously Ever After

Try wide-eyed round frames with amber, smoky or rosy lenses, or choose angular rectangle glasses for a bold style that says you can slay your own dragons. Alexander McQueen cateye sunglasses add a note of feline mystique to your fashion fairy tale. Maybe you prefer tales of adventure? Indulge in your own flights of fancy with Alexander McQueen shades in women’s aviator frames. Whatever your style story may be, Solstice Sunglasses’ collection of Alexander McQueen sunglasses lets you choose your own adventure.